Established in Milan in the early 1960s by Maestro Armando Sciascia, it soon became a popular label on the Italian record market
Among the most famous productions and artists are: I Pooh, Giorgio Gaber, Gian Pieretti, Roby Crispiano, Equipe 84, Lando Fiorini, Inti Illimani, Lelio Luttazzi, Puccio Roelens, Oscar Valdambrini, Lesiman (Fabio Renosto),
Reynaldo Meza y Los Paraguayos, Azoto,
Fabio Borgazzi.
Stable and continuous collaborations with authors and musicians such as Francesco Anselmo (aka Lee Selmoco), Antonio Virgilio Savona & Lucia Mannucci, Bruno Battisti D'Amario, Celso Valli, Mario Pezzotta, Tullio De Piscopo, Sergio Farina, Dino Piana, Alberto Corvini, Eraldo Volontè, Gianni Basso, Gil Cuppini, Lorenzo Nardini, Nino Impallomeni, Sergio Valenti, Eraldo Romanoni.

The production has always been oriented towards
the library music for cinema and synchronizations, crossing different musical genres.
A large collection of sound effects is also included.
It has distributed several international artists over the years, including:
The Doors, Mirella Freni, Miki Theodorakis, Judy Collins, Roy Orbison, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Leadbelly, Victor Jara, James Senese, Rick Wakeman & Mario Fasciano, MC 5, Love, Wild Thing, Sam Chatmon, Stoogees, Don Allen, Violeta Parra, Eugene Powell, Cary Tate

Original songs, stunning musical interpretation of movie soundtracks and worldwide acclaimed songs that marked an era, with new arrangements and the best musicians. Ambient music for your special events.

Recorded at Sciascia Sound Studio with the 3D Sound System Phase 6 Superstereo.

Series of musical works edited by Antonio Virgilio Savona from 1969 to spread the knowledge of popular music (with new arrangements and interpretations cancellare). Flanked by Michele Straniero, he made musical transpositions from authors such as Rodari, Calvino, Brassens, J. Ramon Jemenez, and with Giorgio Gaber, the ancient latin authors (“Sexus et politica”).  
The topics are about education and childhood, work, migration, war, freedom of expression and gender equality, religion, democracy.

Always current subjects. The use of irony and satire are often the tools of the storytelling.

Unique set of traditional music from the corners of the world, records and witnessing of historical and cultural value. Label edited by, among others, the ethnomusicologist Roberto Leydi with many field recordings. Huge collection of international folk, from America to Africa, from the Mediterranean area to the edge of Asia and Australia.

This label has been made with the aim of make available good quality music for everyone, for every kind of genre.

Catalog of Italian Jazz music that includes Swing Jazz, Cool Jazz, Avant Garde & Free Jazz, played by the best musicians since the 60s.

Ars Nova is a collection of a “different” classical music. It was conceived by specialists and musicologists who, with their research and historical reconstruction, went beyond the merely consumer aspect of classical music. In fact we will not find the usual record proposals, but these are gathered works from centuries often forgotten, which instead are plentiful and rich in musical material of a pure beauty and still a true nourishment for the spirit. The use of antique musical instruments in studio or in original settings reproduce, preserve and record the native atmospheres.

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