...the leaves that are now having fun with the wind are never the same...

Publishing company established in 1962 by Maestro Armando Sciascia.

This catalog of thousands of works includes authors and composers from Italian and international musical context.
M° Armando Sciascia often oversaw the creation of these musical works, even as an author and composer.

With this music of this catalog you can take a virtual journey through society, traditions and history.

We move from melodic pop to orchestral. Beat, progressive rock, jazz, traditional and sociopolitical folk, easy listening,
the first dawn of electronic experimental music. Soundtracks and adaptations for every film genre, in particular western,
noir and comedy. Classical music, libraries, sound effects, children’s music.  

Eliseo deals with the management, protection, development and use of intellectual property of the musical works included in the catalog.


Copyright register.

Distribution and promotion.

Music consulting for commercial use and movies.

Licenses management.

Legal protection.


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