Born in Lanciano (Chieti) on June 16th, 1920 from a musicians family, he started studying violin at an early age.

At 17 he graduated from G. Rossini Music Academy of Pesaro in violin, composition and conducting.

In 1939 he moved to Milan, after the terrible years of World War II, to which he joined the army as a volunteer in the Paratroopers Brigade of the Folgore.  

He joined the orchestras of the “Teatro Nuovo” in Milan, the one of the “Pomeriggi Musicali” and the one of RAI (Italian Broadcast Radio and Television) Symphony Orchestra, in which he started as Concertmaster to became Conductor.

He collaborates with labels Fonit Cetra and Philips recording his compositions and large orchestrations and arrangements for other artists.

Here he started composing his first soundtracks for cinema, one of his favorite artistic areas, in fact his music will always be evocative of environments, situations and moods.  

Later he formed the band “Armando Sciascia Ensemble”, which will perform across Europe.  

At the end of the 50’s he get back to Milan and created Vedette Records which, within a few years, went on to become more and more solid and renowned. From Vedette arose other record labels dedicated to different musical genres, such as Phase 6 Superstereo, Albatros, I Dischi dello Zodiaco, Way Out, Ars Nova, Quadrifoglio, Replica, New Jazz Collection and Spider.

In 1962 he founded the Edizioni Musicali Eliseo thus becoming the publisher of his own works and those of many authors and composers.  

From the end of the 60s onwards he also stands out for his talent scouting skills, producing and collaborating with some who will become the best and celebrated Italian artists.  

A peculiar feature of his work and personality, has always been his capability to be a forerunner and open minded to every kind of music, to novelty and experimentation. Despite his classical and orchestral education, the passion for all genres led him to compose and brilliantly produce jazz, pop, beat, and electronica, engaging always the best musicians available.

He was used to sign his productions with many akas such as Pantros (as lyricist) ), H. Tical, Peter Hamilton, Pinto Varez, Blue Phantom and many others (as a composer)

At the end of the 80's he moved to Connecticut where he devoted himself to the composition of musicals, music for opera, ballet and new age, also approaching the rising digital music.

Until June 23rd, 2017 when sadly he passed away at the age of 97.

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